Memorial Day Details


Memorial Parade for the Marching Dutchman Band

High School Marching Band Details:

Memorial Parade Monday –May 27th—Parade step off time is 9:30 A.M  we should be done by 10:30-10:45 A.M.

  • 8:45 am Meet at Central Ave between 7th & 8th  Unload truck and prepare to step off. The truck must move to the end of the parade for you so get your equipment off the truck by 8:30 A.M. and get in parade formation.
  • We are Division 4 number 39.– The end of the Parade behind the Desert strom truck. Load truck at the end of the parade at the Pilgrim Cemetery

Things to Remember

  • You must have every part of your uniform to be allowed to step up with the band!  (Black Pants, Black Socks, Black shoes, and Red Polo (tucked into your pants)
  • You must stay in your complete uniform at all times!
  • Be early!  Especially Percussion!!!! Morgan, Nick, Bethany and Avery turn in Radio for Charging to Bogue.  You are responsible for the ear piece.
  • The Truck will be located near Central between 7th and 8th hopefully in the National City Parking lot or close by .
  • Please come hydrated and eat breakfast before you come to the parade! 

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