Wooden Shoes/Dutch Caps

Wooden ShoeAs spring break is rapidly approaching so is Tulip Time.  As you know the tradition here involves both nifty wooden shoes and a stylish Dutch cap.  These items need to be acquired before April 12th (the Friday after spring Break).  The shoes can be purchased at a discounted rate of $25.00 when purchased at Nelis’ Dutch Village.  Bring multiple pairs of socks for the fitting and remember to mention that you are in the Holland High Band to get your discount.  The Dutch caps should be bought at Fields Fabrics and can also be purchased for 20% off.  Students who wish to get this discount at Fields should ask Mr. Bogue for a coupon.  The hat will need to be either reinforced with a stiff interfacing or a piece of cardboard.  Also note the upcoming Finale Senior Band Concert on Thursday April 25th.  If you have any questions please e-mail me at: jbogue@hollandpublicschools.org


Nelis’ Dutch Village                      Fields Fabrics

12350 James Street                            281 East 8th Street
Holland, MI 49424                            Holland, MI 49423


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