Band Camp 2013 Dates

msu bcI am writing this post to inform you of the dates for band camp 2013.  The dates for this year Band Camp are August 19th- 23rd. Percussion and Color guard will meet prior to the full band camp August 14th – 16th.  Band camp will not be at the PAC rather it will take place in the HHS cafeteria and various rooms in the new building due to construction.

Although we surveyed to explore moving camp to an earlier date, the response showed that many families have conflicts for the week of August due to the thought that band camp would fall on it’s usual week which would have been August 19th-23rd.  I would have pushed for this survey and exploring early dates sooner, but we were at the mercy of the construction schedule and its many changes.  No one is at fault, its just a side effect of the exciting construction here at HPS.  As soon as I was given an ok for going forward with planning the summer camps, I sent out this survey.

I have spoken with Mr. Farkas (athletic director) and we are on the same page with our camp dates. However, in the future we will both be pushing for that first week of August for band camp 2014!


Mr. Bogue

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