Memorial Day Marching Band Itinerary


2 Responses to Memorial Day Marching Band Itinerary

  1. Val Hendricks says:

    Mr. Bogue, Can the water go on the truck? I can be at the end to help de-bloom and pass out water. Do you have an idea where the truck will park? Thanks, Val Hendricks

    • Mr. Bogue says:

      I have all the water we need on the truck…But I need a few coolers with ice. The best idea would be if a few parents could drop the coolers off by the truck prior to the parade at 8:45. The truck will be located at 9th and Central in the 5/3 bank parking lot. We could then load the water in the coolers and it would be cold by the end of the parade.
      The end of the parade is at Pilgrim’s Home Cemetery on 16th Street. The truck parks at the end of route thru the cemetery in view of the stadium. We could use a parent or two handing out water/collecting the plooms. (I sent this exact message thru email to the parents)

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