Jan/Feb—Upcoming Events and Info

I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying the mild winter weather.  I just wanted to make you aware of some upcoming dates and information.

  • February 3rd-Pep Band—HHS Dome 
  • February 4th-High School Solo and Ensemble-East Kentwood H.S
  • February 21st-Festival Concert-7:00 P.M./8:00 P.M.  in the P.A.C
  • February 23rd– MSBOA Festival—TBA

The February 21st concert will be split in half.  Starting at 7:00 p.m. will be the 8th grade band, concert orchestra, and concert band.  Starting at 8:00 p.m. will be the chamber orchestra, wind ensemble, and symphony orchestra.  The date for festival this year is February 23rd and as soon as MSBOA releases details I will post and send them out. The MSBOA festival performance on the 23rd will also require parent chaperones.  This is a great chance to both see your student perform at festival and support the Holland Bands.  All the students have been working hard on their festival music and this is sure to be an exciting week for the Holland bands.

Due to the more advanced level of music that our 8th graders are playing all trumpet players need to purchase straight mutes.  These mutes listed below are acceptable models and can be bought at Meyer Music or online.  Please contact me with any concerns or questions

  • Tom Crown Trumpet Straight mute (best choice)
  • Dennis Wick Straight Mute
  • Humes and Berg 101 Straight Mute

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