Trumpet and Trombone Mutes (gift ideas for brass players)

There are a few items every brass player should have.  One of them would obviously be your instrument.  The other items that should already be in your possession are valve oil and slide grease.

Due to the variety of music we will be playing this year and in years to come another item trumpet and trombone players should own is a straight mute.  A straight mute can be bought either at your local music store or online.  Listed below are a few mute options in order of quality.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  With the holiday season rapidly approaching they make a great holiday gift for your son or daughter!


  • Tom Crown Trumpet Straight mute (best choice) $30.00
  • Dennis Wick Straight Mute $35.00
  • Humes and Berg 101 Straight mute $12


  • Tom Crown Tenor Trombone mute $45(best choice)
  • Humes and Berg 151 Tenor Trombone Mute $17

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