Welcome Mr. Bogue! See ya Mr. Reikow!

We are proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Jonathan Bogue as the new band director of  Holland High School.  Mr. Bogue is a percussionist and is currently working on his masters at Northwestern. He will be moving to our area shortly and is excited to meet the students and parents who will be working with him this next year at Holland High. We will keep you up to date as to when might be a good time for you to stop by and welcome him to our district. Perhaps he may need some assistance moving boxes or getting some insight as to how things operate. Check out the Elgin High School web pages and listen to some of Mr. Bogue’s groups. I think you will be impressed.

On another note, I am blessed to have worked with all the students and parents on sustaining the bands this last year. I really only had a vague idea as to how consuming adding on the bands to my schedule was going to be. Only with the support and patience of the students and parents, was I able to accomplish this huge task. Holland High has an amazing tradition of spirit and enthusiasm that I have been proud to be a part of. You have helped me in my part of the search for a new director by demonstrating qualities, drive  and desire to perform music to an exceptional quality. It is my hope that the next person to take this position will push the program to new heights of excellence. Mr. Bogue is ready for the challenge.

I may not be in front of the bands this year, but I will be in the same office, cheering you on, and assisting Mr. Bogue in any way I can. Stop by and say hi, and I will tell you to go away just like I always do. If you bring cookies, perhaps you can stay and chat for a little while. Just a little while.


John Reikow

Holland Public Schools Director of Orchestras and Jazz Studies

Former Director of the coolest band students around.


About Mr. Reikow
Mr. Reikow is the director of the orchestra programs for Holland public schools.

One Response to Welcome Mr. Bogue! See ya Mr. Reikow!

  1. John Becker says:

    I am the band director at one of the middle schools that fed Mr. Bogue’s high school band program at his previous position. I have had the pleasure of working closely with him for the past three years, and believe me, you have a real winner on your hands. Mr. Bogue has done nothing short of fantastic work so far in his young career. He worked tirelessly to inspire and dramatically elevate the performance of all his students, and he will surely bring that same energy and excellence to Holland High. I am personally very sad to see him have to leave our locale, but our loss is your gain. Best of luck to you, Mr. Bogue, and the best to Holland High and its band program!

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